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Brand Representation Immediate Results. Integrity. Personality.

These are a few reasons why our clients love working with us. We get the people going. Our specialty is devising strategic sales campaigns for massive corporations. We do what they can't do themselves, one on one interactions with each and every customer. Our current territories are Westchester County, Hudson Valley, and NYC.

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Career Development Set some long term goals with us!
We are focused on nurturing the career development of our team members
by providing ample training and leadership opportunities.

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Our Culture
Meet the management team.

Manny Melas

Manny is currently Managing partner of LTG Marketing, Inc. Click to read more

Kimberly Gallaher

Kimberly is also Managing Partner of LTG Marketing, Inc. Click to read more.

Stephanie Melas

Stephanie is currently the Brand Manager of LTG Marketing, Inc. Click to read more.

Karina Azcona

Karina is currently HR Administrator of LTG Marketing, Inc. Click to read more.

Community Involvement
When you're part of the LTG team you can add "Philanthropist" to your Twitter bio.
We have monthly community service events that our team members, family, and friends participate in.
Through these events we are able to give back to the community,
strengthen our team unit, and involve our loved ones while we do it!

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